Homeopathy & Autism

For me this is the most important part of the site. Homeopathy has played the most essential role in my son's recovery. I have met many children in various stages of recovery. It is the small, idiosyncrasies (characteristics, habits, mannerisms peculiar to an individual) that distinguish a "cured" child from a "recovered" child. Homeopathy addresses the person in totality - behaviors, physical symptoms, emotional symptoms, genetic weaknesses (called miasms), and environmental insults - both directly and those experienced in utero.

So while biomedical treatments and therapy can address these things piecemeal, homeopathy takes a holistic approach and creates improvement in all areas. It is our own underlying weaknesses which leave us susceptible to dis-ease. Only homeopathy can address this weakness of the "vital force" and restore true, global health.

There are many treatment protocols out there using "homeopathy" as part of its treatment for autism. While this may have some benefit, it can often create new symptoms or complicate the case. I would rather see someone not use homeopathy at all if it is used as an adjunct to some other modality. This gives classical homeopathy a bad name and muddies the water, so to speak, for those who have no experience with true homeopathy.

It may take many different things to bring recovery to these children. Like the spectrum of the disorder, the spectrum of treatments are varied. However, time and again I hear from parents who have done biomedical or ABA and still have those last few tweaks to work out. This is GREAT! Homeopathy can not only help bring the child the rest of the way to recovery but address the underlying susceptability to autism to help prevent a reoccurence of symptoms in the future.

And unfortunately, there are so many out there that have "tried everything" with no real results. There are also those out there who have tried homeopathy with no results. Sadly, not every child will recover. But I truly believe the right remedy will bring improvements not possible with other treatments. Sometimes it means finding a new homeopath. I don't want to make it sound easy, it is not. Recovery is a long journey. Even with my son's dramatic response, it still took a little over 3 years before I considered him "cured." But the right remedy should bring results more timely than any biological treatment can.

While there are many means to an end, homeopathy can speed the recovery dramatically and perhaps save thousands of dollars. Once Ryan responded so dramatically to the homeopathy, he no longer needed speech, OT, or developmental therapy. In fact, he no longer qualified just a few short months after his response to the DTP remedy. Eventually, we were able to go off the diet which saved us hundreds every month and allowed my son to enjoy what all of his friends and family were eating.

Many parents realize time is of the essence. While we feel pressure to recover our children before the infamous "window" closes, homeopathy can address things which happened many years prior. A few years ago, I attended a seminar given by an MD homeopath who treated teenagers and young adults with autism. He had fantastic results. While it may not be possible to "fully" recover children of this age, it is not impossible to bring significant improvements to older children and adults.

While homeopathy is over 200 years old, its widespread use in treating autism is in its infancy. Nothing has prepared humanity for this epidemic. It's my goal to help as many as possible find their way to homeopathy and recover their child.

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