Homeopathy - Ryan's treatment

Many people ask me for details on Ryan's homeopathic treatment.

NOTE: What worked for my son may or may not work for your child. Homeopathy is individualized medicine at its finest. The remedy has to fit the person not the disease. It is highly INADVISABLE to try these remedies without consulting with a qualified homeopath.

Ryan began homeopathy in November of 2003. He was 18 months old and at the peak of his autism. His first "real" remedy was Carcinosin which he received via breastmilk from me. We saw gradual, subtle changes with this remedy.

However, the dramatic improvements came from his first direct remedy, the DTP remedy, which is made from the DTP vaccine. The particular remedy he had was made from a "hotlot" which did contain thimerosal - just like the vaccine he received.

(NOTE: Many homeopaths do not believe the use of this remedy to be "homeopathy" but rather "isopathy" which means using the *same* substance that caused the illness to cure rather than "similar." However, the distinction is important - once potentized it is no longer the crude "same" substance but similar (CD, 379.1).

While this remedy did recover my son, its use is not considered a good choice by many homeopaths given it is an unproven remedy in the traditional sense. However, I would argue the reactions we see to the DTP vaccine are in itself representative of an "accidential" proving. Hahnemann, the founder of homeopathy, even said the first choice is the crude substance and the second is the potentized remedy.

Thankfully, Len Marlow, a homeopath in England has created a Materia Medica for the DTP remedy. Please visit his site to learn more about his research: Len Marlow, RSHom. I believe my son responded so well to the DTP remedy because his symptoms match those in the materia medica. In other words, it was his simillimum, not just a vaccine remedy used to clear a reaction.

However, even a traditional nosode will not cure but needs to be followed by a remedy. While I strongly believe there is a place for using vaccines in potency in certain cases, I also believe in following the basic tenents of good practice. But one must remember - there is no universal remedy to be used in treating ASD!)

Ryan continued on the DTP remedy for a little over 2 years. He then received several remedies which were not a good fit for him and did not bring further progress. His major symptom at this time was phenol intolerance which limited the fruits and vegetables he could eat without enzymes. He also still suffered from yeast issues most likely due to the underlying mercury toxicity. In fall of 2006, we did a trial with a remedy made from Thimerosal. I would *not* recommend the Thimerosal remedy as a first line of treatment. While it did enable my son to discontinue NoFenol enzymes, it also had serious long lasting effects. I pushed for this remedy (because of my own ignorance) and I question whether I would do it again in hindsight. (See note above regarding unproven remedies!)

While Ryan's autism symptoms were now cured, he developed chronic intermittent fevers (which were an old symptom for him) and chronic upper respiratory infections (again an old symptom). I believe this was a result of the Thimerosal remedy and his body was naturally chelating the toxins which had made him so sick. But this is purely speculation on my part. Kali Phos initially cleared tis layer however it was not fully cured until he received Coccus Cacti and then the Pertussis nosode in 2009.

As of 2011, I have completed over 7 years of study to become a homeopath, however I cannot practice in the state in which I live because they have "reinterpreted" their alternative medicine laws. I have taken over treatment for all 3 of my children. Ryan continues to do extremely well. He shows no signs of autism. He is an honor roll student and has received the school "citizenship" award every year for the past 5 years (since kindergarten!). He consistently scores at or above grade level on all FCAT tests.

Today at 10, he continues with the DTP remedy when necessary although this is very infrequently (about 2 times per year). He also uses homeopathy when necessary to treat acute illnesses. He is a very healthy, happy boy. He eats a completely normal diet with no restrictions except for those I think are a necessity for anyone following a healthful diet! We do not eat soy, allow corn in moderation, and limit high fructose corn syrup. However, he eats what all the other kids eat at school. He can now tolerate chocolate in small doses.

He enjoys fencing and is the youngest to compete in state competition. He spends most afternoons and weekends playing outside with his friends. He enjoys computer and Xbox games, reading, writing and illustrating stories, legos, Roblox, and the BeastQuest series.

Please feel free to email me with questions.

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