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Recovered from Autism


Over the past 20 years I have learned to always trust my instinct. It is for this reason, after twelve years, this site is no longer active. Recovery is possible. Please see the sites below for excellent information.


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Our Story

Restoring Health

It was always about restoring health, not about changing who my child was. My son was very sick. He had mercury toxicity, phenol sulfur transferese, and allergies to all but 8 foods. He did not speak, play appropriately, dress or undress himself. He had raging tantrums, would headbutt me, headbang, spin in circles, and lick things. He lined up toys and pushed his head along the carpet. After 4.5 years of treatment, he entered kindergarten with no diagnosis (we had been told he would never be able to attend traditional school). He was finally a happy, healthy child. Throughout the remainder of his childhood, he played sports, he traveled to Italy on a class field trip, had friends, and a job. He graduated high school with honors and played in our city’s symphony. Today he lives a full and healthy life.

Impossible Cure

by Amy Lansky, PhD

This book changed it all for us. It led me to change everything and study four years to become a homeopath. It was invaluable in our journey.

Children’s Health Defense

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

This incredible, brave organization is a steward of information in the world regarding the tragedy of, and atrocities committed against, children’s health. Find research backed information and learn the truth.

National Center for Homeopathy

Homeopathic Resource

This is the best resource for clear, legitimate information about homeopathy. It includes research articles, where to find a homeopath, and excellent information about learning and using homeopathy.

Learn the Risks

Brandy Vaughan

This should be a must read for every parent, potential parent, doctor, and government official.


Del Bigtree

Watch, read, and weep at the information this brave man uncovers.

Our Story

Erica McPhee

A podcast with Amy Lansky and me from 2006. Interview begins at 9:45.


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