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Wow … I just finished watching Oprah with Jenny McCarthy and Holly Robinson Peete. My head is spinning so I’m going to ramble. It was surreal at times as watching Jenny tell her story was like watching me tell mine. So many of her details were so much like my son’s story.

My heart goes out to both of these amazing women for sharing with the world. It isn’t easy. I struggle every day with whether I should continue sharing my son’s journey and I am small potatoes compared to these two women. I’m no one from no where and don’t make my career based on the media and people’s opinions of me.

Since moving to Florida I have wondered whether we are doing him a disservice by continuing to share his story. But then I hear from another mom who says our story has helped their child and I know God has shown me our purpose in this life. He does attend traditional school with no mention of autism. He is doing fantastic and has many friends. No one here knows he “used to have” autism.

The thing that makes my heart race when I watch these moms on Oprah… if only they knew about homeopathy. What more could be done for their sons? I feel it’s my personal responsibility to tell them and everyone about homeopathy because it is the one thing that will not only address the current issues but address the weakness that made our kids vulnerable in the first place. Without that, they are still susceptible to the same toxicity somewhere down the line.

Vaccines are not the only impetus to autism. It is the biggest, by far, but I know from watching my 3rd child – now almost 2 and completely unvaccinated that the underlying predisposition is sometimes so strong, it won’t take a vaccine to cause autism. I do believe my son’s autism was triggered by his first and only round of immunizations. But I saw my beautiful, unvaccinated daughter at 6 months old when we introduced food start walking on her toes and stop sleeping. I even saw a headbang here and there which, believe me, sent me into a state of post traumatic stress so bad I was nearly paralyzed. Within a month of starting her on a constitutional remedy, she began sleeping through the night again, stopped her funky behaviors, and stopped her chronic runny nose.

But even now at 2years, 1 month, she is slightly speech delayed. She’s never been vaccinated but she was predisposed. I believe most likely from my disastrous MMR revax in college. “Science” shows no correlation between vaccines and autism… well, maybe not. But who is to say, these children aren’t predisposed because *their* parents were vaccinated. Where are the studies showing how vaccines effect our immune system in the long run or even how they effect our DNA.

The late Dr. Edward Yazbak dedicated much time and effort studying the correlation between mothers who were revaccinated with the MMR vaccine as adults and then going on to have a child with autism. So even though my son never had the MMR vaccine, the MMR revax I received years before I even had him may have contributed to his susceptibility. And of course, my own mercury toxicity certainly contributed to all three of my children’s developmental “issues.”

So we can target this or that as the “one” thing that caused our children’s autism. But in the end, it is really our own genetic weaknesses which leave us vulnerable. We cannot escape it. Only homeopathy can help us heal it.