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There have been many times in our family when a homeopathic remedy has brought such rapid healing we have uttered the same words time and again, “It’s a miracle!” My husband informed me I am no longer allowed to say, “that’s amazing” when describing a response to a remedy because I have said it so frequently. He joked, ‘when you keep seeing such wonderful responses, it’s no longer amazing but just homeopathy at its best!’ Despite what he says, I still say it’s “like a miracle” sometimes how quickly someone heals or recovers from an illness after taking a remedy.
But, homeopathy really isn’t a miracle. A miracle by definition is an effect or extraordinary event inexplicable by the laws of nature and ascribed to a supernatural cause or act of God. Homeopathy, on the other hand, works precisely by a strict set of guidelines – based on the natural laws of physics. And it is not directly an act of God, but God’s given gifts of nature that allow us to make remedies.
Though it may sometimes seem like we magically get better, homeopathy is far from magic. Magic is an illusion (something presenting a false impression of reality). Unlike in allopathic medicine where (toxic) drugs are used to suppress symptoms and give the illusion of wellness, homeopathy cures symptoms and allows true health and healing.
Now that we live in the Bible Belt, I’m saddened by the realization there are some people completely opposed to homeopathy as they believe it to be “the work of the devil” or occultist in nature. This is simply not true. There is much confusion in the general population about what homeopathy is and what it is not.

Religion is a personal issue – one I have no desire to debate. What I do want is to help people understand what homeopathy really is (and isn’t) so that those who follow a strict religious code can decide whether homeopathy is a good choice for them and their family. There is so much misinformation out there about homeopathy, many people may miss out on true healing because of misconceptions and false information.

Homeopathy is not “New Age.” In fact, it is over 200 years old and based on physical and scientific principles realized more than two thousand years ago during the time of Hippocrates, a Greek physician known as the Father of Medicine. Though remedies are made from natural elements of the earth (plant, mineral, or animal – usually milk – in origin), homeopathy is NOT herbs or crystals. True classical homeopathy does NOT employ muscle testing, kinetic energy, altered states of conscious, or any other astrological, or psychic healing techniques.
Homeopathy is a science-based medicine following a strict set of rules and principles layed out by its founder, Samuel Hahnemann (a medical doctor who became dissatisfied with the effects allopathic medicine was having on his patients). While religion has no role in homeopathic medicine (training or practice), I have heard from many who receive homeopathic medicine talk of their “spiritual awakening” meaning, they have found a stronger connection to God and their religion. This is healing, not spiritualism or occultist influence.
Homeopathy does not diagnose illness nor should a good homeopathic practitioner ever direct someone away from their medical physician. Homeopathy is a treatment – a medicine – a tool used in healing. It is as much art as science in its method of restoring good health. Although all homeopaths should follow the aphorisms of The Organon, (the guidelines to practice layed out by Hahnemann), the quality of homeopaths varies just as no two doctors practice exactly alike. If you’ve ever seen a different physician for a second opinion, you can get two completely different answers and recommendations from two different physicians for the same illness. This is where the finesse of practice distinguishes one from another but does not take away from the science of the medicine.
So while some may dabble in other modalities, true classical homeopathy does not. It follows the tried and true guiding principles resulting in repeatable cures when the remedy is matched to the person’s unique symptoms. It is safe and effective. It’s goal is the speedy, gentle, permanent return to good health. Homeopathic medicine *is* an amazing alternative in today’s world where many are searching for a miracle.