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[Warning: this post contains one cuss word. If that offends you, stop reading now.]
Today I received an email from which started with this: 
“Erica – There’s a new petition taking off on, and we think you might be interested in signing it:”
It then said, “Tell ABC to Just Say No to Jenny McCarthy on The View.”
Why, would you ever think I would be interested in signing this? Is it because my own baby boy suffered an encephalitic reaction from a DTaP vaccine? Is it because my son developed autism, leaky gut syndrome, hypotonia, phenol sulfur-transferese, severe food allergies, all over body eczema, and stopped sleeping and pooping after his first round of vaccines? Is it because he had high levels of mercury and arsenic in his blood or because he had tetanus titers three times what is considered immune after just one shot and they are supposed to receive four?
Is it because my son is now recovered from autism, like Jenny’s son? Is it because both my daughter and I contracted the measles from MMR vaccines? Is it because my daughter (along with the majority of her classmates) caught the chicken pox from a recently vaccinated toddler in her preschool? Is it because I have spent the past 11 years fine tuning my children’s health and learning every thing I can about the reality of vaccines and real health? 
Or is it really just based on the idea freedom of speech is outdated?
This email made me so mad, I decided I had to post an update. If I didn’t, it would just continue to fester inside me. So here is my response to’s email.
EMAIL: ” [quoting Jenny] “If you ask 99.9 percent of parents who have children with autism if we’d rather have the measles versus autism, we’d sign up for the measles.” She fails to mention, of course, that children die from measles, but they do not die from autism. Also, since the MMR vaccine has been exonerated as a cause of autism, parents simply do not need to choose. “
ME: Both my daughter and I developed the measles from the MMR vaccine. In my case, I was revaxed in college. I developed the measles and the mumps. It also began a lifelong struggle with irritable bowel syndrome, chronic fatigue, exercise induced anaphylaxis, asthma, and severe food & environmental allergies. That is until I found homeopathy.
In my daughter’s case, she was 18 months old. The doctor said it was rare, but yes, indeed, she had “caught” an atypical case of measles from the MMR vaccine. She received DTaP, MMR, and polio on the same day. Shortly thereafter, she began hitting herself in the face, hitting me in the face, and Sensory Integration Dysfunction. She also developed Guillain-Barre Syndrome causing temporary paralysis after every fever or viral illness which lasted anywhere from 5 days to a month. She developed asthma and was extremely toxic. She was also a chronic ear infection baby – doing antibiotic after antibiotic, including months and months of “maintenance antibiotics.” In the third grade, she was diagnosed with ADD and determined to have no short term memory, no facial memory, and lapses in long term memory. 
Trust me – if given a do-over, I would choose the theoretical risk of naturally occurring measles and lifelong immunity any day! 
Additionally, children do die from autism. They die from malnutrition, wandering away from home, falling into water, and toxicity just to name a few cases. However, most do not die – they just spend the rest of their lives living with a disorder that not only physically and mentally affects them, but also emotionally and financially affects every member of their family. So yes, autism doesn’t typically end your life, without treatment, it only destroys life as you know it … forever.
Lastly, the MMR has NEVER been exonerated. Sure, Andrew Wakefield’s career was ruined but MMR was not exonerated.
EMAIL: “All children, autistic or not, deserve protection against this dangerous and potentially deadly disease. “
ME: I would argue we all deserve to raise our children with their best interests at heart based on our own decisions and God-given rights as human beings. We also deserve the right to not be forced to inject diseases and toxins into our babies’ bodies if we have evidence it flies in the face of good health. Additionally, you can’t prove vaccines actually prevent disease. Statistics show measles had already declined several years before the MMR vaccine was introduced. Besides, even if measles did stay on the decline after the introduction of the vaccine, you can’t prove it was because of the vaccine. Remember, according to your “science” – correlation doesn’t prove causation!
And in terms of being deadly … according to CDC statistics, prior to the vaccine, [like way prior, before measles started naturally declining] 3-4 million cases of measles occurred in the US each year. Of those cases, about 450 people died each year. According to Dawn Babcock Papple at, that equates to 0.015% of the people who got measles died. People, not just children. She writes, “consider that in 1963, the population was 189,241,798. That means that prior to the vaccine, the percentage of the entire US population that died from measles was  0.000237%. “
EMAIL: “We object not only to her endangering the lives of children but also to her promoting a fear of autism.”
ME: Really?! She’s endangering the lives of children? Why, by telling the truth? By sharing her son’s story? She’s not promoting the fear of autism. She’s asking for cleaner vaccines! What part of we don’t want to inject human fetal tissue, monkey and pig viruses, mercury, and formaldehyde into our babies do you not understand?!
And guess what?! You *should* be afraid of autism. You should be VERY afraid of autism! And if you aren’t afraid, shame on you for not learning what is happening in our world, to our children!
You know what’s endangering the lives of children? Pediatricians who don’t pay attention to their patients who are sick or fighting something off and vaccinate them anyway. Family doctors who say, “Let’s just try one more and see what happens?” after your kid has an encephalitic reaction! Doctors who ignore contraindications on vaccine package inserts. Vaccine manufacturers who continue to use Thimerosal, Aluminum, and Formaldehyde in vaccines. And lastly, government medical centers who recommend (a misnomer since that would imply choice) over 70 disease doses of vaccine for our children.
EMAIL: “Jenny McCarthy has actively promoted chelation therapy as a “cure” for autism (a neurological difference [sic] with no cure). Chelation therapy is ineffective in treating autism, expensive, and dangerous, having killed children with autism.”
ME: WRONG again! Do some blog reading and read about the growing number of kids with autism who are either fully recovered or improving with chelation, homeopathy, and other treatments. And chelation does not “kill children with autism.” One child with autism has died following chelation due to the use of the wrong medicine. And while this is tragic, how many thousands of children die from chemotherapy or other pharmaceutical treatments in the hope of cure every year?!
EMAIL: “Because Jenny McCarthy constitutes a danger to public health and promotes long-disproven ideas, we urge ABC and the producers at The View to consider a different candidate to replace Joy Behar. Giving Jenny McCarthy a regular, large platform is irresponsible, but turning her away would demonstrate that ABC is a science-savvy company that cares about the health and well-being of our communities and our children.”
ME: Jenny McCarthy is a danger to public health?! … turning her away would demonstrate that ABC is a science-savvy company?! Are you f*cking kidding me?!
Sadly, even worse than the email, are the comments on the site (of course you can only comment if you vote against Jenny). Reading the comments made me freaking weep for our children and all the families that live our truth.
This woman’s beliefs will kill children.”
“Jenny McCarthy’s misguided opinions of medical science present a danger to our nation’s children.”
“McCarthy gives out harmful medical advice. People will die from preventable diseases because of her.”
“Jenny McCarthy spreads false unproven information that does not allow people to make the best decisions for their children.”
“Please do not allow her this platform which threatens to undo the good work of physicians and scientists all over in the most recent century.”
“The ideas she promotes have been devastating to the health and progress of children and families around the globe.”
That is ONE FREAKING POWERFUL WOMAN! I really hope at least some people have listened to what Jenny McCarthy has really said. Her testimony has done none of the above. We are all responsible, thinking people. We make choices every day regarding our children’s well being. My reality is just that. Her reality is hers. God help us if the American public (oh wait, people ‘around the globe’) are so stupid (as those comments imply) that they only take what Jenny says as medical advice while simultaneously ignoring the plethora of doctors and pharmaceutical media pawns who inundate our media with the “scientific vaccine message.” No one (except a doctor) should tell another parent not to vaccinate their child. Share your story, share information. The rest is up to each and every parent to decide what is best for their child. Only you have to live with the consequences of your decision – not me, not Jenny, not your doctor (exempt from vaccine injury lawsuits), not pharmaceutical companies. You.
And conversely, don’t tell me how to raise my children. Don’t tell me my beliefs injure others. I am so sick of the rhetoric, fixed talking points, and double speak. I consider myself a non-violent person but if one more person says to me, “the benefits outweigh the risks,” I will have to use all my restraint not to punch them in the face!
Figure this out people… the truth is out there. It’s making our babies brain damaged and our children sick. It’s robbing our children of their future. It’s our food, our medicine, our doctors, our government, and all those who pit neighbor against neighbor!
You want the science … here: Ginger Taylor composed a list of 70 studies indicating vaccines can cause autism: BAM!
Guess what petitioners– you can’t CHANGE anything by ignoring the TRUTH! 
In case you haven’t figured it out… I am NOT interested in signing your petition!